10 Ways to Grow Yourself So You Can Grow Your Business

10 Ways to Grow Yourself So You Can Grow Your Business

Alan Melton

Has your business growth leveled off? Are you feeling stuck and burned out? Grow yourself! This is a very common position that business owners find themselves. Sometimes their business grows beyond their ability to effectively move forward to the next level. This was where I was in a previous business.

My Personal Growth Story

Our business had grown to about $1 million in sales, and it was growing beyond my ability to lead it. I felt like I needed to grow personally in order to effectively lead the business. Over the next few years I took action on my personal growth in a number of ways and my business grew to $8.5 million prior to leaving the business after selling it to a publicly-held company.

Ways You Can Grow Yourself

Since then I have coached hundreds of business owners in the area of leadership. Here are some ways you can begin to grow yourself:

  • Make a list. Decide where you want to improve. Some areas could include leadership, sales, marketing, reading financial statements, public speaking, etc.
  • Become a reader. You have likely heard the saying “Leaders are readers.” There are many successful business owners who don’t have a degree, but few leaders who don’t read.
  • Listen to books on Audible. Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker taught business owners to attend “Automobile University”. He recommended that while driving down to road you can listen to audio recordings of motivational speakers and other business training speakers to get an education. You can also listen while at the gym or waiting in lines, etc. Doing so will inject ideas and enthusiasm into your life.
  • Listen to Podcasts. There are countless podcasts available on every topic imaginable for you to watch or listen to. Take advantage of these free resources.
  • Hire a Business Coach. Without a doubt the biggest impact on myself and my business came from my decision to hire a business coach. Within just a few months of working with a coach my salary doubled and my work hours were cut in half. Since that time I have always had a business coach.
  • Business Related TV Shows. There are many TV shows that teach in the area of business. You can watch Shark Tank, The Profit, The Apprentice, etc.
  • Industry Association Conferences. Attend your industry association meetings and go to the workshop offerings.
  • Sign Up for Webinars. You can get education from the comfort of your home by attending webinars. With a free webinar you usually have to sit through a sales pitch. But you can attend a paid seminar and get training on most any topic.
  • Local Workshops/Seminars. You can find all kinds of workshops on Facebook, Event Brite, and Meetup groups. Or search your community calendar for upcoming events
  • Get a degree online. Do you regret not getting your degree? It’s never too late! You can get a fully-accredited degree by studying from anywhere you wish. Through the CLEP and Dantes programs you can earn courses that apply to virtually all colleges and universities. And you can prepare for the exams by using tools such as instantcert.com . Many students have earned their bachelors degree in as little as 6 months.

Jim Rohn, one of my favorite motivational speakers said this, “A formal education will get you a job, but personal development will get you a fortune.”

Begin to grow yourself and your business will grow. It will change your life!