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Landscaping Company
"Our annual sales have grown from $3.6million to $9million and our profits have grown by 400 percent. Alan helped create a stronger team atmosphere and was able to get great team “buy in.” This was after helping us to make some tough decisions necessary to initiate the turn around. Alan helped us to develop and deploy key marketing and branding strategies, grow our design-build division by 700% and turn our warranty department from an expense to a 30% profit."
Fitness Coach
"Very powerful and effective program for a fitness owner. I've been seeing steady growth in my business. Very dependable. Goes above and beyond in delivering on stated services, goals, and outcomes."
Pest Control Business
“Using Small Business Coach Associates has been a real benefit to my company. Alan has the perfect combination of business knowledge and real world experience. His willingness to help and hold me accountable have helped me in positive ways that I couldn’t have anticipated. After only working together for 3 months we have deployed 3 strategies that will increase my small business profits by 90% in the next 12 months.”
Dance Studio
“Alan is super encouraging. He is great at pointing out things I’ve never thought about. It’s nice to work with a male in business who has my best interests in mind. Alan is great at keeping me on task without making me feel bad about missing a deadline. My sales and number of students have doubled since Alan began coaching me 5 months ago and I was able to take my first paycheck since starting my dance studio two years ago.”
Auto Repair Business
"With Alan’s help I have less stress and I’m able to conduct meetings without any interruptions. Alan helped me to evaluate the costs/benefits of hiring new employees and gave me the assurance that I could justify the additional expense. My sales and profits have grown even with the new hires. Alan has coached me on how to motivate my employees to meet my business goals. With Alan’s help by next summer I plan to have my business running without my day-to-day involvement."
Social Media Company
“I have been working with Alan Melton and I cannot say enough good things about his coaching style in business. He is an outstanding business coach who has helped me to increase my business while decreasing my work hours. I am more focused, my office is organized, and my business has more than tripled. If you want to take your business to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact @Small Business Coach Associates.”
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