How to Start and Grow an Ultra-Profitable Business Coaching Practice, Even if You Don’t Have a Business Degree or Coaching Experience…

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March 27, 2018
3pm GMT
10am EST
7am PST

As Founder and President of Small Business Coach since 2002, Alan has established a reputation as a nationally known author with his book, Small Business Solutions, as well as a speaker and business leader, having started ten companies and acquired five more. Now, in the prime of his career, he is mentoring an amazing group of entrepreneurs and executives on the fast track to success. Alan was recently recognized by Influence Digest and Six Figure Coach Magazine as one of the Top 10 business coaches in the United States. He was also recognized by Bill Clinton, President of the United States as the SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year.


Presented by Alan Melton, Certified Coaches’ Coach

2018/03/20 10:00:00

On This Live Webinar You’ll Learn…

  • Why business coaching is a well-respected, ultra-profitable profession and why the business coaching industry is booming around the world.
  • How you can make an hourly rate that most big-city attorneys would drool over, while helping real-world business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.
  • Why adding business coaching to your business brokering practice is easy and you have ready made clients already knocking on your door.
  • Why you don’t need to have a degree in business or even business coaching experience to succeed as a business and what you DO need to be successful.
  • Exactly what top-tier business coaches are doing to build successful practices from the ground up, even without a franchise, business degree, or past coaching experience.
  • How to market yourself successfully, so that you don’t waste time on cold calls, banging your head against the wall with tire kickers who aren’t serious, or HOPING—instead of KNOWING—how many clients you’ll close this month.
  • The secrets for picking a high-paying niche that lines up beautifully with your passion and experience.
  • How to regularly haul in high-quality clients who sign contracts at K-5K per month…and STOP coaching lowball, desperate business owners.
  • How to use the latest technological advancements to get everything you need to build an ultra-profitable business coaching practice quickly and inexpensively for just hundreds of dollars, instead of hundreds of thousands!
  • How any new business coach can get a comprehensive coaching system, world-class training, and marketing strategies that work, all backed by an iron-clad guarantee that virtually eliminates your financial risk!