Are You Looking For Better Financial Performance For Your Business?

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur?
Have you poured massive amounts of time and energy into your business?
…. and are you still suffering from one or all of the following?

How much happier would you be if you could discover a formula for …

… sound too good to be true? Think again.

“Our annual sales have grown from $3.6million to $13million and our profits have grown by 400 percent. Alan helped create a stronger team atmosphere and was able to get great team “buy in.” –Wendell, President, Landscaping Company

Our one-on-one small business consulting has helped hundreds of small companies just like yours to get back on track.

You’ll be able to reduce your hours and spend more time doing the important things in life …

… all the while remaining safe in the knowledge that your business is on a secure footing. Even during recessions and economic downturns.

PEAK PERFORMANCE is an internationally acclaimed one-on-one small business consulting solution for maximizing business success. We’ve consistently been ranked among the world’s top coaching services by independent organizations, such as Hubspot. Our methods will help you to fulfill your potential without sacrificing more of your precious time and freedom.

“I am excited about my business again. My coach gets to the very core of who you are – by making you think past your limitations and toward your dreams.” – Vicky Moseley, FatCatz Creative
  • How does Peak Performance work?

    You’ll take part in one-on-one small business consulting and mentoring meetings with an expert business mentor. Together we will develop your leadership skills, marketing strategies, sales, and cash flow methods.

  • Who is Peak Performance for?

    Self-employed entrepreneurs who have a progressive mindset and who are driven by results. If you qualify for this package, we’ll be investing significant time to develop you as a business leader.

  • What will Peak Performance do for me?

    It will put your business on a positive growth trajectory with a view to building it into the dominant firm within your niche.

When you invest in Peak Performance you’ll get …

Plus loads of other valuable tools for optimizing your business, including:

  • Success Profiling

    have you ever wondered why people react to you in a certain way? Our personality profile will help you to understand your leadership style and how you can best leverage your talents. We’ll give you actionable advice that you can implement immediately.

  • Custom Services Tailored To Your Business

    are you looking to create an exit plan? Or assess the value of your business? Maybe you’d like to certify your business for sale? All of these options and more are available as part of your one-on-one small business consulting plan.

My sales and number of students have doubled since Alan began coaching me 5 months ago and I was able to take my first paycheck since starting my dance studio two years ago.” –Beth Bradley, Owner, Dance Without Limits

Previous PEAK PERFORMANCE clients have reported success across three areas:

Achievement Of Personal Goals

Improved Business Efficiency

Attainment Of Financial Objectives

“After six months our profits had increased over $152,000, which annualized is over $304,000 per year! Most importantly, I am working less and have started taking my wife out on dates.” – Robbie, Service Company

On average our clients report a 64% increase in sales and 81% increase in profits within 12 months of getting the PEAK PERFORMANCE one-on-one small business consulting package.

If you’re committed to creating a larger and more profitable business …

… so you can actually get on with living your life, then we can help you starting today.

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Our clients make a multiple of what they invest. We offer custom business coaching packages to fit your budget and time constraints. On average, business coaching delivers a 300% return on investment or more.

Many other coaching companies use coaches who don’t have prior business ownership experience. All of our coaches have owned a successful business. We have walked in your shoes. We use an award-winning business coaching system with 36 coaching modules that have delivered outstanding results.

We tailor it to the business … so far we have a 100% success rate … but if you don’t like the results we have a double your investment back guarantee within 6 months or we coach you for free. No questions asked.

Our Award-Winning Founder And Coaches Have Been Recognized By:

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

Ben Franklin