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Peak Performance Packages
Coaching You to Rapidly Grow Your Profits

  • Grow Your Profits- Guaranteed
    Grow Your Business Sales Fast
    Learn to Market Your Business at Zero Cost
    Have Fun in Business Again
    Find the Best Employees
    Slash Your Advertising Costs
    Reduce Your Work Hours
    Become More Recession Proof

These packages are designed for the self-employed entrepreneur who is progressive, growth minded, and has decided to become the market leader. More time is spent in one on one personal business consulting and mentoring with Small Business Coach & Associates in developing leadership, marketing strategies, cash flows, sales skills and business growth strategies. If you qualify for this package, you will be investing significant time to grow as a business leader. If you capitalize on this package, your business will be on the way to development into a market leader!

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Information On One-On-One Coaching

“After six months our profits had increased over $152,000, which annualized is over $304,000 per year! Most importantly, I am working less and have started taking my wife out on dates.” – Robbie, Service Company

Here is What’s Included in Your One-on-One Coaching Sessions:

  • 21 Silver Bullet Assessment Process. This is the premium version of this powerful process. One of our coaches will take you through this detailed analysis and will identify “low hanging fruit”… immediate, easy to implement profits. We review with you areas of Cash Flow, Sales, Time Management, Leadership, Marketing, Business Growth, Organization, Planning, Employee Attraction and Retention, Customers, and Finance aspects of your company. We will ask probing questions to help you identify areas to work on. We will make specific recommendations for improvement, and we will incorporate recommendations into your action plan.
  • Annual Personal and Organization Strategic Plan Development. We will send a questionnaire to you in advance of our planning meeting. We meet with you and your selected team to develop your company Values, Vision and Mission, your industry outlook, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We work with you to develop long term goals and an annual action plan. We will identify business growth opportunities, marketing strategies and ways to increase your cash flows.
  • Marketing Assessment and Plan. Did you know that Facebook now has more pay per click activity than Google? Don’t waste your money on expensive advertising when you can do a ton of marketing for zero cost! During this session Small Business Coach will assess your website and marketing strategies and develop a custom, comprehensive plan for you.
  • Weekly/Bi Monthly Coaching Sessions. This is our premium version of our coaching and mentoring sessions. Once your business has been assessed and you have a business plan in place the next step is weekly training, accountability and reviews of your plan and financial results. We have a business owner coaching system that we have developed with up to 72 sessions that will equip you in the area of leadership, planning, marketing and sales, process improvement, customer service and satisfaction, employee attraction and satisfaction and financial results. In other words, we will train you in every area that you need to have a highly successful business.
  • Monthly Plan Updates and Financial Reviews. You will spend time each month with your personal coach. Your coach will interview you to determine specific needs, and share with you business success tips to grow your business, your cash flow and your business value.*
  • Sucess Profiles for Owner and Employees. Do you ever wonder why you and others behave in certain ways? Are your customers or employees caught off guard with the way you manage? Once we have provided you the results of your profile you will be able to better understand your leadership style, as well as how to best leverage out on your talents. With an understanding of your employee’s styles, you will better understand how to manage them.
  • Online E Learning Marketing System Included With All Coaching Packages! A weekly marketing class will be delivered to your email address, along with a weekly online group coaching session and a weekly Q&A session.
  • Other Services Available as Needed. Would you like to plan your exit? Know the value of your business? Certify your business for sale? These services and more are available with your one-on-one personal business consulting plan.

Benefits Many Clients Receive from One-on-One Coaching Packages:

  • Personal Clarity and Hope
  • Obstacles Removed
  • Personal Development
  • Reduced Stress
  • Achieve Life Goals
  • Focused on priorities
  • More effective at work
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Support favorite charities
  • Work for higher purpose
  • Higher income
  • More time off
  • Debt Reduction
  • Caught up on bills
  • Seize business opportunities 
  • Ability to attract and hire better staff
  • Existing staff more motivated
  • Buy your dream home
  • Eliminate “lonely at the top” problem
  • More time with family
  • Attend children’s events
  • Better vacations
  • Ability to start another business/charity

“I am excited about my business again. My coach gets to the very core of who you are – by making you think past your limitations and toward your dreams.” – Vicky Moseley, FatCatz Creative

Looking for One-On-One Personal Business Consulting Help?

Ready for professional help and guidance?

We understand how to…

  • generate immediate sales
  • create competition-crushing marketing
  • develop compelling offers
  • map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do
    and when to do it


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“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” -Ben Franklin 

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