Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us:

Don Crews

Expansive knowledge of business and unselfishly shares

“From hearing Alan speak on a number of occasions and in different venues … and from private conversations … I find him to be a highly ethical, confident and energetic professional. He has an expansive knowledge of business and unselfishly shares his expertise with others. I confidently recommend him as speaker, consultant or business coach.” Don Crews, President, Electronic Payment Services

Dick Denison

on a scale of 1-10, I give you a score of 10!

“I attended your Maximize Your Business Value Workshop and it was great; on a scale of 1-10, I give you a score of 10! I really learned a lot; thanks.” Dick, President, Airplane Brokerage

Stan Reid

Interesting and thought-provoking presentation

“I greatly enjoyed your presentation to my Rotary Club last week; you gave an interesting and thought-provoking presentation. In my search for a new career, it dawned on me that purchasing a business would be both rewarding and challenging. It is easily seen that the best way to sell a business is to keep growing that business, a sound principle in many ways.

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After all, if you are not moving ahead, you really are falling behind, especially in the fast pace of the global economy. This is a message that every public or private manager should take to heart. ” Stan Reid, MD, Financial Advisor

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Jon Lopez

Professional and knowledgeable

Alan and his partners did a great job with our valuation topic. They were very informative and the material was definitely timely and thought provoking. They were very professional and knowledgeable. Jon Lopez, President, Business Services

Ann Golden

Alan is interested in coaching business owners to their best solution

“When I heard Alan Melton present a program, I was so impressed by his knowledge and emphasis on business ethics, that I invited him to speak to our Executive Roundtable, a weekly forum for our clients in career transition, many of whom aspire to be business owners. I was equally impressed by his presentation to our group.

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It is clear that Alan is interested in coaching the self employed to their best solution. He is also a wealth of information for those who believe they would like to be entrepreneurs and assists them in discovering whether that is an appropriate path for them.” Ann Golden, Co-Owner, Career Strategies

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Lee Popwell

Coaching in Selling My Business

“Approximately fifteen years ago I met Alan Melton, president of Small Business Coach & Associates. Prior to meeting Alan, I was aware that he was a respected owner of a highly successful business in my hometown in the sunbelt. In our first meeting, I approached Alan’s company and they gladly provided financial resources and services for an event that benefited health care services for the homeless. In fact, Alan later provided a conference room in his business for regular meetings of a group of business men.

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From that point forward a strong relationship developed between Alan and me. Having common threads in our business and family life, we have fellowshipped regularly for the last fifteen years, and I have come to appreciate him both as a trusted friend and a valuable mentor.

Over these last few years Alan has aided me in my professional life as a coach and mentor. He was helpful to me as I began to consider selling a chiropractic practice of 25 years. His counsel was particularly helpful in the area of preparing my business for sale, establishing a value for my company, and successfully negotiating with business buyers. Experienced advice, business valuation, and confidentiality are reasons that I value Alan Melton and Small Business Coach Associates.” Sincerely, Lee, Co-Owner, Chiropractic Clinics

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Kristin Doolin

Polished speaker, refreshing twist to business

“It was a true pleasure to have Mr. Alan Melton as a guest speaker in various Management classes of mine at the University of Phoenix. The students were awe struck with his knowledge of business. Mr. Melton is a polished speaker, fielding questions with ease and making each student feel as if what they have to say or the question they ask is valuable and pertinent to the topic at hand.

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His testimony alone makes for a wonderful witness to all business persons wanting to succeed in industry today. You merely need to know where to find the material. Mr. Melton excels at mapping the route. I would not hesitate to give Alan my highest recommendation. He gives a much needed, refreshing twist to management principles and their employment.”
Kristin Doolin, BS, MBA, Faculty, University

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Michael Mangani, Commercial Strategist

You added dollars to my bottom line

“Thanks for all the help that you have given me. The practical advice and your coaching styles in business have given me have added dollars to my bottom line, and will stay with me as a successful business person. The ability to stay focused on your goals and the way to develop them was information that I was able to use right away.” Michael, President, Motorcycle Sales and Service

Richard Ford

You gave us best business practices

“Although we operated a successful operation in New England, we came away with some of the industry’s best practices. My heartfelt thanks are to you for helping us to become a better company. There are businesses out there that could benefit from your roadmap to success and how they too can get there.” With high regards, Richard, President/CEO, Limousine Service

Andy Sanfillipo

Alan help me see my company in a new light

“Alan Melton helped me to see my company in a new light. His point about the difference between a business owner and someone who is self employed was a new idea to me. I plan to prepare my business for sale, and one of my priorities is to become less involved in the details, and more involved in God’s will!” Andy, CEO, Airplane Parts Sales